Examples of Our Work

Editing, Cropping & Color Enhancing

Here are a few Before & After images of pictures that have gone through our Photo Editing Concierge service. After removing the blurry, grainy, out of focus and duplicate images, the images on the right are examples of photos we returned to our clients. So if you send us images from you last vacation, this is the level of enhancement you can expect.
Back Yard - Before
Girl in Field - BEFORE
Girl in Field - After
Girl in Field - AFTER
Sacré-Coeur - Before
Sacré-Coeur - BEFORE
Sacré-Coeur - After
Sacré-Coeur - AFTER
Father & Son at Beach - Before
Father & Son at Beach - BEFORE
Father & Son at Beach - After
Father & Son at Beach - AFTER
Eiffel Tower - Before
Eiffel Tower - BEFORE
Eiffel Tower - After
Eiffel Tower - AFTER
Mother & Child - Before
Mother & Child - BEFORE
Mother & Child - After
Mother & Child - AFTER
Stoic Looking Portie - Before
Stoic Looking Portie - BEFORE
Stoic Looking Portie - After
Stoic Looking Portie - AFTER
Parisian Street Art - Before
Parisian Street Art - BEFORE
Parisian Street Art - After
Parisian Street Art - AFTER
Cape Kidnappers - Before
Cape Kidnappers - BEFORE
Cape Kidnappers - After
Cape Kidnappers - AFTER
Family at the Dock - Before
Family at the Dock - BEFORE
Family at the Dock - After
Family at the Dock - AFTER
Corner Building - Before
Corner Building - BEFORE
Corner Building - After
Corner Building - AFTER
Metro - Before
Metro - BEFORE
Metro - After
Metro - AFTER
NYC Train Tracks - Before
NYC Train Tracks - BEFORE
NYC Train Tracks - After
NYC Train Tracks - AFTER
Crane Artwork - Before
Crane Artwork - BEFORE
Crane Artwork - After
Crane Artwork - AFTER
4th of July Parade - Before
4th of July Parade - BEFORE
4th of July Parade - After
4th of July Parade - AFTER
Brooklyn Subway Station - Before
Brooklyn Subway Station - BEFORE
Brooklyn Subway Station - After
Brooklyn Subway Station - AFTER

Individual Photo Retouching & Restoration

Here are a few Before & After images of pictures that have gone through our Individual Photo Retouching process.